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Poland Cargo

Rules and regulations of Poland Cargo Virtual Airlines

§ 1. Poland Cargo VA, is a Polish virtual Airline that runs on the VATSIM network.

§ 2. Poland Cargo VA main role is as an orginisation of Cargo transportatnion in Poland as well as around the world.

§ 3. The main aim of Poland Caro VA is to make sure all the members and users of the VATSIM network have great fun.

§ 4. The document below defines the status of Poland Cargo VA.

§ 5. par. 1. Members of Poland Cargo VA can be anyone who, is registered with VATSIM and, has recived thier CID and Password to the Vatsim network as well as, fill out the application to join Poland Cargo VA.

§ 5. par. 2. Candidates of Poland Cargo VA who fill out the application obligate to fill in thier true information (Name, Surname etc.. ) and tier current e-mail for corresponding in any need.

§ 5. par. 3. Joining Poland Cargo VA, every member is obligated to keep to the rules wich are fourth written in the Rules and Reuglations, and the public good.

§ 6. par. 1. Descicions of acceptance to Poland Cargo VA are made by the Public Relations of Poland Cargo VA.

§ 6. par. 2. In case of encotered problems with acceptance to Poland Cargo VA, the decison will be left to the Board of Direction in Poland Cargo VA by a poll.

§ 7. With the moment of reciving your PLCID, passoword, to the Poland Cargo VA website in cosiderance to the pilots rating, the candidate becomes a full-pleged Poland Cargo VA member.

§ 8. Mebers of Poland Cargo have the rights to:

    1) Flying flights on VATSIM in the colors of Poland Cargo VA, as well as using the callsingn "PLC" and the usage of the Poland Cargo VA fleet, in accordance to his/her rating (Only for pilots)

    2) Occupation of additional positions in Poland Cargo VA is by a vote and/or by the Board of Directors

    3) Usage of materials given by Poland Cargo VA, in the way they are meant to be used

    4) Usage of the rige to vote in all voting situations wich are on the Poland Cargo VA Forum, especially during Board of Directors re-voting

    5) Taking part in talks on the Poland Cargo VA Forum, with the rights of the forum

    6) Taking action to help Poland Cargo VA grow

§ 9. Members of Poland Cargo VA are obligated to:

   1) Keep in accordance with the rules below

   2) Doing as the the members who are ranked and Members of the Board, publicated on the Poland Cargo VA Forum

§ 10. In cases where someone doesn't keep to the rules and regulations as a member of Poland Cargo can be :

    1) criticisised,

    2) loose his/her position (except Board of Directors)

    3) delted from Poland Cargo member list

    4) pilots may be degraded

§ 11. A member of Poland Cargo VA may be for awarded a upgrade in ranking for doing something speacial for Poland Cargo VA. § 12. In problems with awarding/punishing members of the Board of Directiors in Poland Cargo VA are made by the President of Poland Cargo VA after consulting an opinion with at least one of the directors.
§ 13. Poland Cargo pilots fly their routes as in the timetable or by the commision published on the website of Poland Cargo VA.

§ 14. Before flying a flight using the published material by Poland Cargo VA there is a flight booking mechanism wich the pilot should use at least 30 minutes before the acutal departure.

§ 15 par. 1. Flights are to be flown in accordance with the pilots rating and aircraft wich as been foreseen to the flight.

§ 15 par. 2. In special accounts pilots may do the flight in another aircraft but in the same class cargo carrier.

§ 16 par. 1. Flights are to be done on the VATSIM network only

§ 16 par. 2. After the flight the pilot is required to fill in a pirep from the Poland Cargo VA website.

§ 16 par. 3. The report, of wich is said in§ 16 par 2. are the base of reciving an pilot rating upgrade.

§ 16 par. 4. Exact information about the amount of hours needed to get theupgrade are in a seperate document.

§ 17 par. 1. The flight pirep is the base of reciving a virtual paycheck for the flight done.

§ 17 par. 2. Exact information containing paycheck terms are in a seperate document.

§ 18 par. 1. Pilots are obligated to fly at least 5(five) hours of flight time each mont to keep thier pilot status active.

§ 18 par. 2. In case of not flying the five hours a month, the pilot status will be changes from active to inactive.

§ 18 par. 3. If the inactive pilot status will be in affect for more than 3 months, the pilot will be deleted/removed from PLC by the Board of Directors.

§ 18 par. 4. Pilots may revive thier active status if they fly the minum 5 hours in the next month.

§ 18 par. 5. If the problem of availability of the pilot is not the problem of VATSIM, only other problems, he/she should write to one of the members of the Board of Directors with the courtesey of being absent.

§ 18 par. 6. The descision of removing the pilot from the memberlist of Poland Cargo VA will be situated by voting by Board of Directors. In this case, it's usally need a majority of votes.

§ 18 par. 7. Members of the Board while voting about the removal of a pilot should take into account the reason for the absence of the Poland Cargo VA recruit.

§ 18 par. 8. Regulations refering to removal of Poland Cargo VA pilots due to reciving a inactive status are excepted to Board members who are relived of flying the minimum hours by the power of PLC.
§ 19 par. 1. Managment of PLC consists of 5 people.

§ 19 par. 2. The managment consists of : President, two vice-presidents, and two members nominated to given positions by the vice presidents.

§ 20 par. 3. The managment represents the frim outside and has the duty of keeping heads-up on VATSIM, they have right to decide about the future, and keep to thier rulings, as well PLC VA rulings.

§ 21 The managment has a superior task of keeping, taking care of and promoting virtual flying.

Presidium elections and members of the board
§ 22 par. 1. Board member terms are one year.

§ 22 par. 2. Managment elections are only for the President and the two Vice-Presidents, Presidium of managment. The other two members are nominated by notice and a joint understandment by the Presidium.

§ 22 par. 3. The elections for the presidium members or other members of PLC VA should be informed individually by e-mail, by the latest 2 days after the election has begun. In the information, there should be a list of candidates.

§ 23 par. 1. Board member elections should be executed withing 30 days of of resigning or enclosure.

§ 23 par. 2. If one or two resigned or was enclsoed fromt he board, the regulations below are used acccordingly to elect new members.

§ 23 par. 3. Resignation of one or two Board memvers and thier choice of person who'll he reccomend dosen't have any affect on the end of this candidate turn from the Board.

§ 24 par. 1. 7 Days before the planned elections, the running candidates are accepeted by the board with their consensus.

§ 24 par. 2 After the closure of the candidate listings, for the next 7 days votings on the froum of PLC VA for the future Board.

§ 24 par. 3 The Presidium is elected in two votes, the first one is for the President of operations, then for the two vice presidents.

§ 24 par. 4. All mebers of PLC VA are able to take part in the elections.

§ 24 par. 5. Every memeber has the right to one vote for the President and one vote for the two vice presidents.

§ 24 par. 6. In the election for the President for the President of the Board, the candidate who has the most votes wins.

§ 24 par. 7. If the presidential vote comes to a neutral end, the next election will be cast 7 days later which is only limited to 2 candidates, the one who has most votes wins.

§ 24 par. 8. In the Vice President elections the two who have most votes win.

§ 24 par. 9. If in the election the candidate who was running for Vice and President gets more votes for president, then he'll go as the president, therefore the next one who has the most votes wins vice President.

Board members removal
§ 25 par. 1. Removal of Board members (dosen't amtter if he/she is nominated or not) can happen on the trustee of 3 members of the board. (Distrust votee).

§ 25 par. 2. Proposals of removing members of the Board is posted on the forum of PLC VA with the signatures of memembers as well with thier comments.

§ 25 par. 3. The next proposal of wich si written in § 25 par 2. is gives a 7 day trial vote, if passed by 2/3rds of a vote.

§ 25 par. 4. Removal of the member of the Board of PLC VA may happen on the proposal in § 25 par 2&3. employs the rights to embark the removal of the Board of Directors in PLC VA.

Board desicions
§ 26 par. 1. the Board by voting may undertake the descision with the fuctionality of PLC Va, with this in mind:

    1) re: nominations for director positios

    2) re: changes in ways the airline works, procedures, regulations, and these rules

    3) re: joining to diffrent organistations with other airlines (not nessecerly airlines)

    4) re: debate quarrels and complaints

§ 26 par. 2 In case of changes made to these regulations, it is needed to have a complete vote by the members of PLC VA.

§ 26 par. 3. Changes made in this document come into life, 7 days after the approval by memvbers, that is 2/3rds of the members.

§ 27 par. 1. From the moment of consideration by the Board of PLC VA, inhere by a minimum of 7 members of Poland Cargo VA.

§ 27 par. 2. for the outcome of the decision by the Board of Directos we use § par. 25/2.

Decision, projects, voting and thier publishing
§ 28 par. 1. Every member of Poland Cargo may inject a project change, or coinhere a new initiative to the regulation.

§ 28 par. 2. If the initiative recives a 7 member positive response, it should be concidered by the Board. The Boards decision may be called off by the President

§ 29 par. 1. All descisios by the Board or members should be publicated indefinetly within 3 days before it comes into life on the Poland Cargo VA Forum as an builiten, if coengharted by the board, it should be found on the website of PLC VA in the Documents section, with it should be it's revision number and date.

§ 29 par. 2. If a definite article is in need, for a situation, decision new items etc., it should be publicated as an email (Newsletter) or on the main website of PLC VA.

§ 30 par. 1. Voting of all members PLC VA should be emmited on the PLC VA forum and should be active for at least 3 days, unless a regulation says otherwise.

§ 30 par. 2. Voting of members of the Board are enclosed on the Board members forum, and should be up for at least 3 days unless a regulations says otherwise.

Complaints and major situations
§ 31 par. 1. In case of complaints controllers, members of PLC VA, descisions are made by the Board. § 31 par. 2. In major situations, the Board may protrude to the Polish VACC Board with a question of removing a user from VATSIM.

§ 31 par. 3. The descision in § 31 ust 1. is able by the President of the VA.

End Notes

§ 32 Within problems, interpretation of the notes, the Board has the right to change ammend items.

§ 33 This document will be active with the day of notice.

© ® Poland Cargo v.a. 2004


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