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[29-08-2010 17-22UTC] Night at N'djili

Ostatnia aktualizacja 14 rok temu
NokerNokerSuper administrator
Opublikował(a) 14 rok temu
The next major event at VATSIM Central Africa is in the final planning
stage: On August 29th, we are going to have a huge flyin at Kinshasa FZAA.


It's getting night at N'djili - and we will have a wonderful time together!

Vatsim Central Africa (VATCAF) invites all pilots to our huge monthly event
- this time taking place at N'djili International Airport in Kinshasa. It's
the largest airport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in real
world served by for example Air France, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian
Airlines and of course Congos' largest airline Hewa Bora Airways.

Kinshasa International Airport will be fully staffed by our experienced ATC
crew. Come and join us on sunday, 29th from 17-22z - and experience an
exciting night at N'djili!


FS9 Scenery: http://www.simufly.com/VATCAF/scenery/kinsha_2.zip


As the existing freeware charts are not up to date anymore, expect full
vectoring for final and for departure - we will bring you up and down

Thanks, The Management
Edytowany przez Noker dnia 18-08-2010 23:52, 14 rok temu
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